Certified 100% Compostable Coffee Pods – The Circular Economy in Every Cup

The “circular economy” concept seems new but is easy to understand. Traditionally, people had a linear focus. First, we extracted resources from the environment. Next, we used energy and turned those resources into products, packaging and other things. Finally, we got rid of it all, usually as waste.

As Canada’s new Circular Economy Leadership Coalition points out, business leaders see benefits in an innovative economy where “nothing is wasted, items are designed for durability, repair and reuse, pollution is designed out of the system and materials flow back into the system as valuable inputs.” As they note, “This process inspires innovation and creates greater prosperity by the embracing of new technologies and business models.”

Club Coffee’s certified 100% compostable pods, the PῧrPod100™, is highlighted in a special insert in Maclean’s magazine along with other major Canadian initiatives that show how circular economy is already becoming part of our lives. The article demonstrates how the compostable commitment drew on leading research and Club innovation to deliver the first pod of its kind – not just in Canada but worldwide.

As businesses and consumers see the benefits of compostable choices, they are also seeing growing concerns about single-use plastic products. Compostables simply break down into water and nutrients that help plants grow. The problem with plastics is they don’t break down; they just break up into smaller and smaller pieces. Scientists are finding those microplastics everywhere in our environment, including our food chain.

Consumers, business leaders, and governments are turning the page on single-use plastics. We’re seeing it in efforts to ban or restrict straws and drink containers. We’re seeing it in initiatives like the two bills in Canadian provincial legislatures to ban non-compostable coffee pods. We’re seeing it in corporate commitments to find innovative alternatives to today’s plastic packaging.

Club Coffee is proud to earn public attention for our role as a leader and innovator in making the circular economy a reality  – one cup of coffee from our certified 100% compostable PῧrPod100™ at a time.