Compostable Pods – Club Coffee Enhances Recycling and Composting Information

Compostable Packaging

Club Coffee, the leader in plant-based compostable single-serve coffee pods, is implementing the How2Recycle and How2Compost label instructions on its packaging. It joins more than 250 North American industry leaders using the programs to give consumers clear messaging about where their packaging is designed to be discarded when they’re done using it.

“From our first steps to a compostable coffee pod, we heard about the importance of simple information for consumers on what to do with them after they’ve enjoyed their coffee,” said CEO John Pigott. “Putting the How2Recycle and How2Compost information on packages starting with our own Club Coffee Craft Roasters™ is our next step forward along our sustainable commitment by delivering the information consumers need to properly discard their packaging.”

Consumer feedback shows that the How2Recycle and How2Compost labels have a significant impact on consumer understanding. It is a valuable way to reduce the problems that composting and recycling programs have when consumers put the materials in the wrong stream.

Read the full press release: Club Coffee – How2Recycle Press Release

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